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Ben describes the relief of learning to care for and style his curly, frizzy hair.

Ben Howard

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My stylist should have
blocked me

When I was first growing out my hair, my stylist gave me her number to ask questions.

If she’d known I was going to pepper her with questions day and night, she might not have offered. I was so uncomfortable about styling it at odd lengths, and I felt self-conscious about how it looked.

I just couldn’t make the cut look like it did in the salon!

Over time, I learned the drying techniques and kinds of products that keep my long hair from looking like flat stringy curtains. I love the way it looks now-- or, I know how to make it look good!

Even if you think your hair is a lost cause, it’s worth asking a pro. There are SO MANY techniques and details you don’t know about hair.

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I love this group because of all the like minded people, male and female, who are concerned about their hair health and kind enough to share success stories. Being new to long hair myself. I have picked up many tips and tricks for the care and maintenance of long hair without having to endure many years of trial and error. Having long hair has definitely helped my confidence.

Chris White

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A Note for the Bearded

If you’re curious about beard growth and care, book a call with our pro barber. They will be able to answer your hair styling questions and your beard curiosities, like:

How to shape, style, and maintain a beard for your hair type and face shape

Patchy beard fixes & the best products for beard growth

The best products to condition and tame your beard (and smell nice)

Don’t give up on your


What if long hair can work for you?

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